Mouse EmbryoSections, fixed/paraffin, 15 day

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Mouse EmbryoSections, fixed/paraffin, 15 day


Mouse EmbryoSections, fixed/paraffin, 15 day

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Mouse EmbryoSections, fixed/paraffin, 15 day PE102-15 10 slides

Mouse or rat EmbryoSections, cut from accurately staged embryos, are professionally mounted on microscopic slides and are ready to use for a variety of purposes. The sections are especially suitable for studies of tissue and organ development, expression of DNA and RNA by in situ hybridization, and the localization of gene products by immuno-histochemistry. The products are packaged in sealed slide boxes and each box contains 10 microscope slides with 20 sagittal sections cut from various levels of the embryo.

Upon removal, embryos are immersion-fixed in EmbryoFix™ (cf. Products, Cat. #PF102) for 3 hours. This method of fixation ensures an excellent preservation of morphology and a minimal loss of antigenicity in tissue. Fixed tissues are then processed for paraffin embedding. All paraffin embedded embroyos are cut sagittally at 7 µm and mounted on Superfrost® Plus or Fisherbrand ProbeOn™ microscope slides (2 consecutive sections per slide). All sections are stored at 4°C before shipping.


  • Please contact us for availability and additional information before placing an order.
  • The investigator may choose the type of microscope slides for a particular purpose.