Neurodegeneration detection with FD NeuroSilver™ Kit in the brain

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Neurodegeneration detection with FD NeuroSilver™ Kit in the brain


This service includes tissue preparation, sectioning, silver-staining, mounting, coverslipping and labeling of slides. As a result, you will receive up to 60 silver-stained sections per brain or per tissue block ready for microscopic observations.

Procedure: Following cryoprotection, tissue will be rapidly frozen in isopentane pre-cooled to -70°C. The frozen tissue will be cut on a cryostat and collected in phosphate buffer containing 4% paraformaldehady. Subsequently, sections cut through various levels (or the levels of your choice) will be processed free-floating for the detection of neurons undergoing degeneration with FD NeuroSilver™ Kit.

FD NeuroSilver™ Kit (cf. Products, Cat. #PK301) is designed for the detection of degenerating neurons in fixed tissue sections of the central nervous system from experimental animals. This kit has been used widely in animal studies under various experimental conditions. The kit has been proven extremely specific and sensitive for the detection of degenerating neuronal somata, axons, and terminals, as well as amyloid plaques in both the brain and spinal cord (cf. photo samples). It is particularly useful for the detection of small numbers of degenerating neurons that may not be demonstrable with routine histopathological techniques. In addition, this kit may be used in combination with immunohistochemistry (cf. photo samples).


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  • The investigator needs to provide fixed tissue.
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