Nissl Stain

CAT# SG502 Category

Nissl Stain


Several basophilic dyes can be used for Nissl staining. Thionin and azure II impart a deep blue color to Nissl substance of neurons and a pale blue color to the nuclear chromatin of both neuronal and non-neuronal cells. A similar staining pattern is also obtained with cresyl violet, which yields a violet color (cf. photo samples below).

SG502-T          Nissl stain with thionin (cf. Product, Cat. #PS101)
SG502-C          Nissl stain with cresyl violet (cf. Product, Cat. #PS102)
SG502-A          Nissl stain with azure II (cf. Product, Cat. #PS107)

Nissl stain. 20 µm cryostat section cut transversely from the rat spinal cord was stained with FD crysel violet.
Nissl stain. High magnification of the ventral horn from the same section as shown above.


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